Blick in die Galerie B

Dear Sir or Madam,

the material glass still is found rather seldom in the European art sector. When you deal with it, though, you can encounter astonishingly manifold objects. There is far more than bowls or jars made from this fascinating material. Artists have ventured to shape abstract glass sculptures or have created figurative works such as faces, couples or vehicles.

Galerie B is one of the few places in Germany where state-of-the-art and exciting contemporary glass art is presented. Please, take a look at our homepage ( and be enticed by our newsletter to visit an exhibition or enjoy a special dish.

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Barbara Koppelstätter


Ann Wolff
October, 2011 to 29 February, 2012

Ann Wolff from 17 October on, the Galerie B will present a solo exhibition with works by Ann Wolff. There is an entire cosmos to be explored. The artist Ann Wolff, who lives in Berlin and Sweden, has really worked the glass: she wanted more than shaped surfaces, she worked the glass in many different aggregate phases, shaped, casted and painted it. Sometimes abstract objects emerged, sometimes figures that tell stories. What makes me strong? When does something become art? What lies behind the mask, and how many faces does a person have? All these questions keep Ann Wolff moving, to her, movement and dance are important. In dance-theater, she was allowed to experience rehearsals with Pina Bausch, made views from it and then formed glass objects. At the Galerie B, very delicate drawings and works of glass by this exceptional and award-winning artist will be exhibited. more information...

Current exhibition

Toots Zynsky
Colorful objects made from fine glass threads
extended to 30 September, 2011

Toots Zynsky The American artist Toots Zynsky draws ten kilometers and more of extremely thin glass threads into an object on a self-constructed machine. The threads are layed on top of each other like Mikado sticks and then fused together. Fascinating bowl-like objects are created, that in some cases are pulled higher and resemble calyxes. Further specialties are the beaming colors and the intense color combinations. Even Hillary Clinton and Elton John find themselves among her fans. Until end of September the objects by the artist from Boston are exhibited at the Galerie B, one of the few permanent stations in Europe. more information...

The Corning Museum of Glass near New York is showing a retrospective on the occasion of Toots Zynsky’s 60th birthday until 29 January, 2012.

Masayo Odahashi

Masayo Odahashi One year ago, the young Japanese artist Masayo Odahashi enchanted many visitors of the Galerie B with her works. What is the charisma, the fascination of her plain glass figures? The sculptures are meditative and fascinate the spectators, they create an intense feeling of closeness. Since last year, Masayo Odahashi has become a strong component of the Galerie B. It is the only gallery that represents Masayo Odahashi in Europe. more information...

What has changed since the desaster in Fukushima? I have been in constant contact with Masayo Odahashi. Of course, her works will be influenced by what fundamentally shocked her country. Masayo Odahashi is currently working intensly on her next exhibition at the Galerie B in spring 2013. But beforehand, some of her new objects can be seen at the room with permanent works.
What I find especially impressive: this young woman has a positive view on the future. And: she was really happy about the success of the Japanese women’s soccer team at the world championship. “You could feel that they perfectly worked together“, Odahashi said right after the team returned home as world champions, bringing home the title but also new hope. “Everyone’s faith helped win the championship“ Odahashi thinks. Look forward to the next exhibition with Masayo Odahashi in spring 2013 at the Galerie B.


Creme de la creme unique items: custom-made shoes from Baden-Baden

Vickermann und Stoya.jpg When the shoe pinches, there’s nothing to laugh about. Good shoes have to be well fitted without being blockish. Elegant shoes made from finest leather, produced in perfect handicraft are available at the small store “Vickermann & Stoya Maßschuhe“ run by two shoemakers in the center of Baden-Baden. Here, no pair of shoes is like the other. More than 350 shoes a year are precisely produced in months of handicraft work and then sent out into the world. more information....


“Eating in clover“: Rizzi

Rizzi Baden-Baden You sit right in the center, yet protected in the shade of trees in the park of the Lichtentaler Allee close to the slightly burbling river Oos. In the historic building of the Palais Gagarin and the beautiful garden, the restaurant RIZZI delights its guests with exquisite Mediterranean dishes, cocktails or a glass of champagne. For lunch you will find a menue, that changes on a daily basis, offering everything from speed lunch to wellness lunch. Delicacies in a delightful atmosphere, highly recommended! more information...


Elegant, light regional white wine: vinyard Christoph

Weinbau Christoph Warm air from the Mediterranean Sea blows as far as the Baden-Baden wine area ”Rebland”, in winter, the black forest mountains keep off frost. In best conditions, an outstanding wine is grown here. Pike-dumplings in Riesling sauce, roasted goose liver with cinnamon pears, a stinging nettle soup, served with a tasty glass of aromatic, fresh white wine from the vineyard Christoph, this is pure joy of life! For four years the vinyard Christoph has produced the two types of wine Riesling and Klosterpförtle (Cuvée from Weißburgunder and Riesling). The artist from the Alsace region Tomi Ungerer says: “You could take a bath in Christoph-wine from Baden-Baden, but it’s even better to drink it." more information...