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Blick in die Galerie B


The leaves are changing their colors, the pumpkins have been harvested, the grape harvest is beginning, autumn has arrived! Art season fortunately never ends. Yet nature plays a significant role in the glass art objects currently exhibited at the Galerie B, shown until late October.
Slowly Galerie B’s 20th anniversary is coming to an end. Perhaps you will find the opportunity to make a trip to the colorful Rebland landscape with its grapes and visit the current exhibition in Sinzheim/Baden-Baden on your way.

Enjoy reading our current newsletter and maybe you will find some inspiration.

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Current exhibition

Nicole Chesney, Bernard Dejonghe and Colin Reid,
prolonged until October 31st

Nicole Chesney - Rising Nature is the most important topic for these three international artists. The American artist Nicole Chesney uses glass as a canvas. “Like fog hanging in the air and clouds floating in the sky“, the artist explains her own works. She dabs paint onto sand blasted mirror glass and then blurrs the pigments with tissue paper.
To Bernard Dejonghe from France nature also serves as a source of inspiration, especially his expeditions to the Sahara desert. Clear geometrical shapes - circles, triangles, vertical and horizontal lines – determine his works. Bill Gates acquired two of Dejonghe’s works for his collection.
The famous British, Colin Reid, partly gets his inspiration from botanical gardens. He forms leaves of glass and places them as massive table tops on top of steel constructions. Reid‘s sculptures often reveal their unusual beauty by contrasting these two materials: glass and steel.
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Three Pioneers: Erwin Eisch – Paolo Martinuzzi – Ann Wolff
November 12th to end of March 2013

All three artists are vanguards of contemporary glass art: Erwin Eisch was one of the founders of the studio glass movement that took its origin in 1962 in the US. As a trailblazer of this movement, he established glass as an art medium in Europe. The studio glass movement allowed artists to bake glass themselves in small furnaces for the first time. This way they were able to use glass as material for their works independent of large furnaces or glass factories.

Erwin Eisch was born in 1927 in Frauenau in the Bavarian Forest as part of a family of glassmakers. As a world class glass artist, Eisch literally “blew“ new contents into one of the oldest materials known. Meanwhile his paintings are at the center of attention, apart from sculptures and glass objects, painting has always been one of his interests. Sometimes figurative, sometimes more abstract in Eisch’s works there are no clear delimitations.

Nicole Chesney, Bernard Dejonghe und Colin ReidAnn Wolff, as one of the founders of the studio glass movement herself, drew people’s attention world wide as early as the late 60ies. In the 50 years of her career, the sculptor repeatedly created objects that really keep you thinking. Born in 1937 in Lübeck, Germany she has lived in Sweden for a long time and has recently been awarded European Culture Award for her entire work. All her life she has dealt with glass as material. Femininity and housing are ever recurring topics that play a significant role in her works. Most of her objects are kept monochrome, often in warm earthy shades. They radiate tranquility and strength. Ann Wolff has processed glass in different physical states, shaped it, casted it, and painted it. Sometimes abstract objects emerged, sometimes figures that tell stories.

Paolo Martinuzzi, also a pioneer of glass art, carves figures onto clear glass. Sometimes he uses old window panels and engraves people on them. People are always at the center of his works. The faces and figures he creates tell entire stories. Martinuzzi, who will turn 80 next year, combines freely blown glass shapes and engraves them with a steel pin. He then places these objects on iron or wooden bases. The works by this Venetian artist, who has commuted between Germany and Italy for decades, in their strict appearance can be seen as an answer to some negative spin-offs in Murano.

Reading tip

Erwin Eich “Clouds have been my foothold all along – Glass and Pictures“ is the name of a recently published book presenting Erwin Eisch’s work. This monography including more than a hundred pictures for the first time illuminates the many sides of the partly poetical partly critical work by this pioneer of the international studio glass movement.
With his relentless individuality, Erwin Eisch is a "solitary" in the art world. The book shows how his work in glass, paintings, drawings and printed art overcomes the separation between picture and sculpture, figurative and abstract, art creativity and meaning of life. The colorful book is captivating due to its impressive pictures. Apart from art historians and contemporaries from Germany, Britain and the USA, the artist himself speaks in this book. Bottom line: Should be part of a real collector’s book shelf!

Erwin Eisch. Clouds have been my foothold all along – Glass and Pictures
Publisher Ines Kohl, Katharina Eisch-Angus, Karin Schrott (Deutsch/Englisch)
Hirmer Verlag, München, ISBN 978-3-7774-5381-1

Cancer After Care Center Tannheim

Receiving this diagnosis is shocking, treatment a great strain on the entire family. When a child falls ill with cancer it needs special care and attention. Several chemotherapies, month-long stays at the hospital, this saps one’s energy. But not only does the patient need help, but the entire family. In 1984 the educationalist Roland Wehrle began demanding a family oriented after care.
Krebsnachsorgeklinik Tannheim “It is owed to the unique solidarity of citicens that we were able to realize this project. Many people built this house”, Wehrle reports. The path to the laying of the foundation stone in Tannheim was long and winding. But when the after care center was inaugurated in 1997 all stakeholders were overwhelmed. More than 8000 patients and family members have been treated since and have gained new hope after a difficult phase.

The after care center requires 600,000 Euros of donations yearly to be able to keep functioning. On occasion of the Galerie B’s anniversary friends donated 4000 Euros for the cancer after care clinic in Tannheim.
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Restaurant Alde Gott in Neuweier

Restaurant Alde Gott in Neuweier Wilfried Serr is a totally committed chef. Together with his wife he has run the gourmet restaurant “Alde Gott“ in Neuweier since 1978. You should calculate a few hours for the delicious eight-course meal. But not only will your palate be treated, your view can either wander over the splendid Rhein valley or be pleased by the meals which are perfectly arranged in delightful colors. The cosy country house in midst of magnificent vineyards is run enthusiastically and lovingly by the Serr family.
In autumn Mr Serr spends much time outdoors. He collects morel mushrooms and herbs that he then freshly prepares for his guests. Pop star Udo Jürgens, singer Reinhard Mey, ex-box star Bubi Scholz and politician Vaclav Havel have enjoyed this place and the extraordinary food.Ever varying three-to-four-course meals at noon are available from 35 Euros on!

Zum Alde Gott - Weinstr. 10 - 76534 in Baden-Baden / Neuweier
Phone: 07223 5513
Open daily from 12 to 2 PM and from 6:30 to 10 PM.
Closed on Thursdays, closed Fridays at noon.

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Weinbau Christoph The High-pressure weather period named “Christoph“ is making September a very sunny and golden month at the beginning of the meteorological autumn. This way the grapes of the vineyard Christoph have been able to ripen perfectly. So a good and special wine is expected this year. Between the vines it is now getting loud and busy with the harvesting: busy helpers are harvesting the sweet grapes and soon the new vintage wine Riesling and Klosterpförtle will be available. Lightly sparkling, the crisp Riesling from Weinbau Christoph develops into a mere pleasure.
Apart from the Riesling, the Klosterpförtle is another premium product by Weinbau Christoph. This well-balanced cuvée made from Weißburgunder, Riesling and Rivaner has a strong and fruity taste. These wines are seen as hot tip within the segment. The vineyards are located in Neuweier (Altenberg) at the foot of the Yburg castle.
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