Blick in die Galerie B

Dear Sir or Madam,

Glass suggests coolness and beauty, pleasant qualities in the middle of summer. At the Galerie B, glass art presents itself in a captivating, manifold and special way. Take a look at our homepage. Our newsletter could inspire you to visit an exhibition or entice you to culinary delights.

Best regards,

Barbara Koppelstätter


Shattered, stacked, fixed: glass art by Josepha Gasch-Muche

Josepha Gasch-Muche.jpg Josepha Gasch-Muche works with ultra-thin glass splinters, stacking them on top of and next to each other and fixing them in that position. The alignment and density of the stacking determine the structure and order of the art work. The artist from the region of Saarland (Germany), who was awarded the Bavarian State Prize (Bayerischer Staatspreis) does not name her art works, she simply labels them with their date of origin. Her sculptural works give the impression of paintings, a fact Gasch-Muche emphasizes by adding white granules. Light from different angles keeps changing the object’s appearance. The Galerie B will present works by Gasch-Muche from 17 October 2010 to 17 February 2011. more information....

Current exhibition

Works by the French artist Bernard Dejonghe

Bernard Dejonghe “The shapes I move around are always plain. Geometrical bodies, circles, triangles, lines”, Dejonghe describes. Because of their ratio of space to scale, his glass blocks are in direct connection with the observer. Natural desert glass, which is formed when desert sand is struck by lightning, is one of the keys to Dejonghe’s art. Under the title “clear and wild“, new works by the well-known glass artist can be admired at the Galerie B, Contemporary Glass, in Sinzheim (Germany) till 10 September, 2010. 25 works made of optical glass are accompanied by jagged, darker ceramic works. more information...


The poetic colours of Joan Miró

Festspielhaus Baden-Baden The Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden (Germany) celebrates the grand painter Joan Miró with a special exhibition. Sun, summer, Spain and poetic colours, all characteristics we link to the famous Catalan artist, who so strongly influenced art of the 20th century. Under the title: "Miró – The Colours of Poetry" around 100 works will be shown, giving an overview of Miró’s entire artistic work from all stages of his life. Till 14 November, 2010, apart from famous paintings, works from his early creative years and sculptures can be seen, first-class works on loan from international museums and private lenders. Several works are privately owned by the Miró family itself and are exhibited in public for the first time. more information....

For gourmets

Culinary delights from the Tapas Bar Monte Christo

Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung After enjoying an exhibition, a summer evening is best completed at the exquisite Tapas Bar ”Monte Christo“, located in the centre of Baden-Baden. There you will encounter ingenious dishes, fine Spanish wine, as well as excellent brandy and liqueur, served in an attractive atmosphere. The menu includes delicacies like bacon-wrapped dates, lentils with balsamic vinegar and crème fraiche, or fried pepper sausages with Spanish brandy. Various Tapas are available till midnight, just as in Spain. Hasta Luego! more information...