Blick in die Galerie B

Dear Sir or Madam,

The fascination for glass as an old material is as vivid as ever and is increasingly being rediscovered by contemporary artists: transparent or opaque, shiny as polished silver or rough as sandstone. Exciting and versatile, contemporary art made from glass presents itself at the Galerie B. Take a look at our homepage and let the newsletter inspire you to visit an exhibition or entice you to a culinary hint.

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Barbara Koppelstätter

Current exhibition

„layers of light“ glass art by Josepha Gasch-Muche

17 October 2010 – 31 March 2011

Josepha Gasch-Muche.jpg Light plays a significant roll in the objects by Josepha Gasch-Muche. Under the poetic title ”layers of light“ the Galerie B exhibits contemporary glass art by this artist in the city of Sinzheim/Baden-Baden. Gasch-Muche works with splinters of glass that she stacks on top of and next to each other and fixes them. Direction and density of the stacking determine the order of the object. Originally from the Saarland region and awarded the “Coburger Glaspreis“, the artist does not name her fascinating works of art but simply adds the date of origin. Exhibition prolonged until 31 March 2011. more information....


Toots Zynsky
Unique worldwide: Objects made from finest glass threads
17 April - 31 August 2011

Toots Zynsky The method is unique: the American artist Toots Zynsky produces ultra thin glass threads on a self-constructed machine, lays them on top of each other like Mikado sticks and then melts them together with the so called ”fusing technique“ . This way, fascinating bowl-like objects are created that in some cases resemble calyxes. Her main focus lies on the combination of colours, so the objects fascinate due to fantastic colours and their intensity. The Museum of Modern Art in New York owns works by Zynsky and also celebrities like Hillary Clinton or Elton John are amongst Zynsky’s fans and have acquired bowls of hers. The artist from Boston is now exhibiting her objects at the Galerie B for the fourth time, the Galerie B being one of the few permanent stations in Europe. This time, the exhibition will also include completely new, higher shaped objects. May till September 2011 more information...

Baden-Baden recommendation

Dive into pleasant warmth

Friedrichsbad The Romans knew already what makes you feel good: 2000 years ago, the emperor Caracalla introduced the bathing culture in Baden-Baden. He was in the right place to do so because seldom can you find a thermal spring with water as pure as the one near the river Oos. Here, the hot water has a temperature of up to 68°C, bubbles out of twelve springs and unfold their regenerative effect on body and mind. Even today, we can still enjoy this with all our senses: The beautiful Friedrichsbad unites Roman bathing culture and Irish hot air baths. Experience the round tour along the 17 stations with changing water temperatures and valuable thermal water. Here, everything is simply perfect: Dive into this atmosphere and relax all your senses. more information....


"Le Bistro" Baden-Baden

Le Bistro Baden-Baden On Bistro chairs under large red sun shades you can perfectly enjoy food and drinks. “Le Bistro“ does not serve French cuisine, but dishes from the Baden region prepared with finest local produce. The owner Michael Hertweck, former student at the Salem school, later entered the gastronomy business and is a passionate hunter. He serves venison dishes from local hunting near Baden-Baden. Special changing offers attract guests at noon-time. The spacious and comfortable indoor area fulfills all your wishes: from breakfast to pleasurable dinner – with the possibility to watch sports events at the bar, “Le Bistro“ offers space for all gourmet friends. There is one permanent newspaper reading guest outside. You cannot disturb him, though, because he is a life-sized art figure, another trademark of “Le Bistro“. more information...


Fresh Riesling and Klosterpförtle from the wine growing estate Christoph

Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung When the days slowly grow longer and warmer, your palate looks forward to a fine glass of white wine. Slightly sparkling, giving the glass a marvellous colour, the crisp wine from the estate Christoph presents a great pleasure. It is considered to be a personal tip among wine experts. The vinyards are located in Neuweier (Altenberg) right beneath the castle Yburg. Even the former TV host Ulrich Wickert enthuses about this wine: “The Christoph Riesling is a wonderfully fresh and light summer wine with a fruit bouquet, a mere pleasure.” Apart from the Riesling, the Klosterpförtle is another top quality product from the estate Christoph. And soon there will be the vintage 2010. more information...