Blick in die Galerie B

Dear Sir or Madam,

For the first time there will be no solo exhibition at the Galerie B. On the occasion of the anniversary "20 years Galerie B" works by my “repeated artists“are presented in alternating group exhibitions and the various aspects of contemporary glass will become visible. “I have never seen glass in this way before,“ people are often astonished after visiting my gallery. I enjoy it when people discover the fascination of this material, from which so different objects can be created.

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Kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Barbara Koppelstätter

Current exhibition

Josepha Gasch-Muche - Franz Xaver Höller - Julius Weiland
7 April, 2012 – 7 July, 2012

Gasch-Muche, Höller, WeilandThree artists will lead off a series of exhibitions that will change every two to three months and will each present a small group of Galerie B artists. Glass is what they all have in common, their forms of expression though are extremely different. The three German artists breaking ground are: Josepha Gasch-Muche, Franz Xaver Höller and Julius Weiland. Gasch-Muche, Höller, WeilandJosepha Gasch-Muche uses ultra thin, splintered glass to create surfaces on canvas or firm materials. The artist works with thousands of small display panels turning them into fascinating works of art. Light from different angles keeps changing the objects’ appearance. Franz Xaver Höller often creates multipiece objects, mainly pairs. The artist, born in 1950, is considered internationally a master of glass engraving and sanding. Polarity determines our lives: day - night, life - death, the linking - the separating, that is what Höller is inspired by. For his sculptures Julius Weiland uses different materials like glass, plastics and neon colors. He achieved his big break with large format objects by melting countless segments of machined glass tubes, originally intended for laboratory use.
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Upcoming exhibitions

Nicole Chesney, Bernard Dejonghe und Colin Reid
17 July, to 29 September, 2012

Three international artists are at the center of our summer exhibition. Natural environment plays a significant role in all their works. Mirrored glass is used as a canvas by the American artist Nicole Chesney. “Like fog hanging in the air and clouds that cross the sky,“ the artist describes her own works. She dabs color onto sanded mirrored glass, later she removes the pigments with tissue paper. Marvelously airy, light and yet haptic works emerge, transparent and volatile like a precious natural phenomenon. Nicole Chesney, Bernard Dejonghe und Colin ReidAlso to the French artist Bernard Dejonghe, nature is a source of inspiration, especially his expedition to the Sahara desert. Clear geometrical shapes like circles, triangles, vertical and horizontal lines determine his works. Dejonghe lives in the solitude of the Provence Alps and says about his works, ”I do not produce pictures, I tell stories. Due to their relation between space and scale, my blocks of glass stand in direct connection with me or the observer.“ Bill Gates acquired two of Dejonghe’s most significant works for his collection.
For several years, Colin Reid, born in 1953 in Great Britain, has been considered one of the most popular artists worldwide working with glass. Among others, he gets his ideas in botanic gardens, he shapes leaves of glass that he then places on steel feet as massive tabletops, the feet resembling the silhouettes of leaves. Thus a distorting mirror is created, from inside to outside, from shell to contents. Exhibitions worldwide and numerous international awards accompany his works. Reid forms sculptures that partly remind you of crystalline shapes, sometimes hiding something like a seashell and often drawing their distinctive beauty and strong appeal especially from the contrast between both materials glass and (mostly rusty) steel. Just lately he caused an upset with large format sculptures placed in public, for example a 3.5 meter glass sculpture in a library in Shanghai.


„In the name of love“ glass sculptures in Munich

Ausstellung der Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Love has many facets: either bold, like the glass hearts hung on meat hooks, or esthetically refined, like the glass HIV-virus, or as intense togetherness, where the various facets of sorrow and joy of love become apparent. The exhibition at the Alexander Tutsek foundation in Munich “In the Name of Love“ is showing the various faces of love until 7 November, 2012. Not only is the bright and welcome aspect of love illuminated, but also its hidden, mysterious and dark side. All this with a material seldom seen in art: glass and mixed media. At the beautiful art nouveau mansion of the foundation in Schwabing, 30 objects by 26 artists from around the world are exhibited.
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Grand Copley retrospective at the Museum Frieder Burda

Große Copley Retrospektive im Museum Frieder Burda They are bold, colorful and humorous: paintings by the American painter William Copley, still to be discovered in our country. So far, they have not been exhibited in public museums very often. But the collector Frieder Burda showed an early interest in these pictures, situated between pop-art and surrealism and being somewhat revealing. He calls his own around 20 works by Copley, who dealt with erotic relations between men and women his entire life. The exhibition is completed by pictures from the artist’s estate and by loans from large museums. Until 10 June, 2012
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Restaurant AIDA at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

Restaurant AIDA im Festspielhaus Baden-Baden The temptations in this menu sound at least as good the music program of the Festspielhaus. The Restaurant Aida at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden offers small and grand culinary delicacies, partly in accordance with the music program: when for example the New York Ballet is dancing on stage, you will be served American cheesecake, blueberry-muffin or cashew-and-cream-icecream for dessert at the restaurant. In the spacious halls of the former railway station the ambience is not only metropolitan, but also noble and yet comfortable. Fine menus with stripes of calf’s liver on balsamico and parsnip soup with mace, plates à la carte, arrangements for recess or a cocktail at the bar: at the Aida all your culinary wishes will come true. The “Aida“ opens its doors two hours prior to performance and serves hot meals to midnight. Reservation service under 0049 (0) 72 21/ 30 13-325.
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“Filigree, lean and fruity“: the new vintage wine by Weinbau Christoph

Weinbau Christoph The former Minister President of Baden-Württemberg, Lothar Späth, is delighted by this special wine too: “The Riesling Christoph is a marvelously light Riesling from the Baden Region: filigree, lean and fruity,“ Späth appreciates. Lightly sparkling, immersing the glass into a superb golden-yellow color, the crisp Riesling by Weinbau Christoph unfolds to a sheer pleasure. It is considered a personal tip in the segment. The vineyards are located in Neuweier (Altenberg) at the foot of the Yburg castle. Apart from the Riesling, the Klosterpförtle is a top-of-the-range product on the Weinbau Christoph range. This balanced Cuvée made from Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Rivaner wine, indulges the senses due to its strong and fruity taste and perfectly goes with poultry and meat dishes.
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