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Blick in die Galerie B

Dear Sir or Madam,

spring is spreading all around us, crocuses are colouring meadows in rich lilac and yellow, even magnolia trees are presenting their first buds. Nature with all its strength and constant change inspires many artists. For her delicate pieces of art made of glass, Susan Liebold gathers ideas from forests and waters, surrounding her studio in Thuringia. Together with works by the Hungarian artist Mari Meszaros, Susan Liebold’s pieces of art will be exhibited next at the Galerie B in Sinzheim / Baden-Baden.
Let this newsletter inspire you to stroll in a spring landscape, to visit an exhibition or to take a trip to the countryside.

Yours sincerely

Barbara Koppelstätter

Next Exhibition

„Glass Creatures“ Susan Liebold and Mari Mészàros,
13 May to 30 September 2014

Susan Liebold The double exhibition “Glass Creatures“ at the Galerie B in Sinzheim / Baden-Baden is presenting glass works by Susan Liebold and Mari Mészàros from 13 May to 30 September. Two really exciting artists can be discovered. Susan Liebold lives in Thuringia, a landscape rich in hills and forests. Mari Mészàros - Mans Desire 013The forest as well as the deep blue sea inspires her to create her glass sculptures. She often immerses her delicate creations of glass in mystic light.
Mari Mészàros comes from Hungary. She mainly deals with female bodies and faces, mostly fragments of bodies bearing visible marks of life. She uses coloured glass in light shades.
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Upcoming Exhibition

Lightlines: starting October 2014 Josepha Gasch-Muche at the Galerie B

Gasch-Muche im Detail The artist transforms thousands of ultra-thin glass fragments into fascinating objects. She stacks them in different densities and directions, creating large picture objects. Her works are not titled, she mainly creates shapes like circles, triangles or squares. Light always plays a significant role. Depending on the incidence of light, her glass objects mystically glitter or show transparency with dynamic light reflexes. In her works the versatility of light becomes visible.

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Floating Gown – The special work of art by Rike Scholle

Rike Scholle - Schwebendes Gewand “This work of art has a somewhat floating appearance, a lightness that fascinates me. When I look at the gown, to me it seems mystical because you cannot wear it, yet I ask myself, what creature could it clothe?“ Gallery owner Barbara Koppelstätter describes this delicate piece of art by Rike Scholle, an artist who can be newly discovered at the Galerie B. To Rike Scholle, born in Hamm (Germany) in1976, glass is the perfect means of expression. She, too, has so far been guided by nature, the growing and thriving, to her a symbol of life. Just recently, Rike Scholle had an exhibition titled “Growing”.

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The Lichtentaler Allee is presenting itself in full bloom

Krebsnachsorgeklinik Tannheim A trip to Baden-Baden is especially rewarding in spring: The spa town in proximity to the softly flowing Oos river has large green areas to offer and plentifold botanical colour spots. If you stroll along the 350-year-old Lichtentaler Allee you can admire the protected trees, but also the immense number of crocuses in the meadows, with their lilac, yellow and white flowers. André Heller enjoyed his visit to Baden-Baden very much, he spoke of it as the "elegant city, ennobled by magnificent trees". The spa gardens (Kurpark) also displays nature at its best. Whoever does not want to walk, can in proper style take the horse-drawn carriage through the city. Another highlight: Cafés are prepaired with outside tables...

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Gold medal for Riesling wine “Christoph“ from the regional Rebland

Weinbau Christoph The Baden-Baden Riesling wine by “Christoph“ has been awarded several awards. The local winegrower’s association (Badischer Weinbauverband) gave this light summer wine 4.5 points out of 5 at a blind taste testing, meaning the gold medal. In addition, the 2012 Riesling wine by “Christoph“ got 90 points at a blind taste testing by the gourmet magazine ”Savoir Vivre“ and thus reached the Top Ten among German Riesling wines. Weinbau Christoph “This is a great surprise and joy to us“, Volker Maier, the wine maker since 2007 emphasizes. The Christoph vine areas are located in Neuweier (Altenberg) at the foot of the Yburg castle.
The Riesling wine and the Klosterpförtle (Cuvée from Pinot Blanc and Riesling) by “Christoph“ have quickly become a personal tip. The philosophy: good quality, environmentally healthy viticulture, green surfaces, thorough caring of the vines and hand picking. Christoph’s wine is clear, unsophisticated and very tasty: simply enjoy!
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