„Lightstructures“ - a single exhibition with works by Aurelia Waßer

June 21st 2015 - October 31st 2015


Aurelia Waßer was born in Stuttgart in 1972. After completing her Abitur (high school degree) she took private painting classes and began her career with drawings. At first, she painted portraits, then landscapes with lakes. The Romantic view is her motto: do not paint what you see but what you see inside yourself! In a smooth, melancholic way, Waßer has created very touching paintings with dark, muted shades made from ashes, sawdust, bee wax and pigments. The way her pictures reflect the light reminds you of landscapes by William Turner. Yet, Aurelia Waßer‘s landscapes have a psychologic nature. Here some scattered figures can be found which later reappear among her sculptures.

After creating her inner geographical motives, she now has, for several years, completely turned to creating sculptures. In 2011, dark figures were created, the “prisoners of the night“. The year after, her figures changed to significantly brighter shades. With their white gowns, they step out of the dark and into the light.
The title very well describes the sculptures: In her “light figures”, made from handmade Nepal paper, she creates tall and lean figures which seem to have a strange glow, since they are made from translucent paper. Layer by layer, Waßer places the silky, translucent, ultra-thin paper over the glass base without further support, she piles it up, higher and higher. There, the paper transports a fine vibrancy.

She dips her hands into the special adhesive and in many successive steps she forms and curves the paper, creating a specific figure. The surface resembles geographical phenomena. Sometimes these figures have hands like wings, sometimes they appear to be lean beings, nearly bodiless and without extremities. The adhesive hardens the paper and seals its surface. The sculptures are very robust and, depending on the light, they seem to be made from marble.

No two figures are the same. Each one is individual, even if it is only recognisable as a silhouette. Another interesting aspect of Waßer’s works is the folds in the gowns, opening up, as if there were a movement or dance.
In some sculptures, an LED light is introduced into the base, so the sculpture shows a mysterious glow.

In her current solo exhibition both sculptures and paintings are shown.


Traegerin des Lichts I-2014-Ausschnitt-j

Lichtgestalt XVIII-2013-hinten-j Lichtgestalt XXIII-2013 59 cm, Handgeschöpftes Papier, Glas Methamorphose IV-2013-hinten-j Metamorphose IV-2013 64 cm, Handgeschöpftes Papier, Glas Traegerin des Lichts I-2014-2 Traegerin des Lichts I-2014-2, 58 cm, Handgeschöpftes Papier Innerer See II-2013-3 Innerer See II-2013 100 x 120 cm, Mischtechnik auf Leinwand Innerer See VI-2014 Innerer See VI-2014 , Mischtechnik auf Leinwand Feuertanz I-2013-groß Feuertanz I-2013, Mischtechnik auf Leinwand Die Schwebenden III-2015 mit Lebensgeflecht III Die schwebenden III 2015 Lichtgestalt XI-2015-frontal Lichtgestalt XI 2015 Lichtgestalt XII-2015-frontal-n1 Lichtgestalt XII 2015 Metamorphose IV-2015-s-hinten Metamorphose IV 2015 Metamorphose V-2015-seitlich-hinten-lebensgroß Metamorphose V 2015 Trägerin des Lichts III-2015-frontal Trägerin des Lichts III 2015