Toots Zynsky
„Objects made from finest glass threads“

17 April, 2011 - 31 August 2011 prolonged until 30 September, 2011

The method is unique: the American artist Toots Zynsky produces ultra thin glass threads on a self-constructed machine. Eight kilometers of thread or more are worked into one piece of art. “The threads are layed on top of each other in beaming color combinations, fused together with the fusion technique, and in the end allowed to slump onto forms of different shapes in many succeeding processes”, says Barbara Koppelstätter, who owns the Galerie B near Baden-Baden, which is one of the leading European galleries focussing on contemporary glass art.

For the fourth time now, the artist from Boston is showing her objects at the Galerie B, being one of the few constant stations in Europe. This time, there will also be new and taller objects at the exhibition. Some of them resembling calyxes. The artist, born in 1951, especially focusses on the combination of colors. Her colorful works are very intense and radiate magic. The triumphal march of Toots Zynsky´s bowl-like objects can not be stopped. Whether in Paris, London, Venice or New York, glass thread objects by Toots, as her friends call her, are in great demand.

Works by Toots Zynsky can be found worldwide in collections of large museums across the USA, in Japan, Australia, France or Switzerland. And in Germany the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation)in Berlin, the Art Museum in Düsseldorf or the County Museum of Württemberg in Stuttgart own extraordinary works by the American artist. Even celebrities like Hillary Clinton and Elton John find themselves among her fans.

The international glass expert Dan Klein from London was reminded of the plumage of exotic birds when loking at objects by Toots and he speaks enthusiastically about the intensity of the colors and the rhythm of the shape of her objects: “You can feel movement where there is none and you can hear music where there is silence. This is the magic and reality of Toots Zynsky“.

The arist is inspired, among others, by her visits to Italy with its famous Murano glass. But even though her objects resemble vases they are not thought to be objects of utility: they are too filigree, especially the folded shapes.

They almost remind you of painted gowns with great arrangements of folds. Sometimes Zynsky uses many different colors and arranges them in a picturesque way in one single object: a deep violet touches the blazing orange which itself seems to flow into a light and bright blue from which a clear yellow arises. In a playful way, a shade of green presses itself to their side, while violet slowly turns into lilac: this play of colors cheer up your senses, as much as the swinging shapes that seem to capture a certain movement. Other objects, on the other hand, lay out the entire palette of shades of one color: an ode to blue or green. All objects indulge the senses by their delicacy and elegance.

The artist from the US will be present at the opening of her exhibition on 17 April 2011.


              Ambire30 Ritrovare46 Zynsky_Altura Zynsky_Annuvolarsi Zynsky_Arizona Zynsky_Chiari_Mizimah Zynsky_EgrettaThula Zynsky_Imbrogliare Zynsky_Marinaresco Zynsky_Marzolino Zynsky_Sagezza Zynsky_Zibetto 110417_KS_GalerieB_222 110417_KS_GalerieB_225 110417_KS_GalerieB_228 L1070421 L1070423 L1070425 L1070430 L1070432 L1070436 L1070440 110417_KS_GalerieB_49 Toots Zynsky, Barbara Koppelstätter, Dr. Christina Schroeter-Herrel