Galerie B
Contemporary Sculptures and Paintings
Contemporary sculptures and paintings are the focus of Galerie B in Sinzheim/Baden-Baden. The gallery was founded in 1992 by Barbara Koppelstätter. Back then, the emerging worldwide Studio Glass Movement, which started in the US, presented the initial spark. Far off the large furnaces in glass factories, many artists were now capable of shaping freely blown glass into pieces of art with no other function or purpose. Individually shaping glass quickly spread among artists. Today, renowned artists like Tony Cragg, Isa Genzken, Gerhard Richter or Dan Flavin naturally work with glass as well. In the end it’s a question of contents rather than of material.

Nearly all artists presented at Galerie B work with various materials or in mixed media. Bronze, rock, Aluminum, concrete, steel or paper are commonplace, in addition to emerging perspectives on paintings.



Wolff 2016 tn Ann Wolff

October 22, 2016 to March 22, 2017

Where do they lead, these stairs embedded in gently shimmering glass? Ann Wolff, the artist, is always on the move, even now at 80 years of age. Intensely she devotes herself to movement as a theme, individual people or groups: people on the move. Ann creates glass stairs as an allegory of life as such: up and down, both positive and negative, some lead into the future, others come from the past; we either walk upstairs or downstairs...