Galerie B
Glass Art
Egyptians made glass as early as 4000 years ago. In the twentieth century, the large factories defined glass art up to the fifties. A new period began with the invention of the small studio furnace: The studio glass movement emerged. Independent of glass factories and their large furnaces, many artists were now able to make works of free-blown, non-functional, pure glass art. Glass formed individually by artists spread quickly.

Large museums began to build collections. He fascination of the older matter glass was rediscovered: transparent like nothing or impermeable to light; shiny like polished silver or as rough as sandstone.



GalerieB_sm Franz Xaver Höller
„Magic Depth between two Poles“

March 20, 2016 to September 30, 2016

Sculptures by Franz-Xaver Höller are characterized by a certain polarity. The sculptor knows how to work masterly with glass. He shapes balloons, bowls and figures creating aesthetic couples. He then grinds and engraves them until they acquire an irresistible aura. He mainly creates couples which seem to look alike, but differ in their details. His works point out the poles between chaos and order, bonding and loosening, uniformity and diversity. In his endeavor, Höller is inspired by nature and man, the polarity of life and death or day and night. In his glass objects he depicts connection and separation. ...